SunPillar is developing a suite of tools that will allow smaller farms to use precision agriculture to optimize field-level management to produce the best quality crops with well controlled inputs.


Those tools, coupled with field mapping and predictive analytics, will allow for the smart application of fertilizer, pesticides and irrigation resulting in lower costs and better plant uptake.


SunPillar’s product is unique in being fully portable and includes sensors that can provide immediate "good enough measurements", which are a definite advantage for farmers who currently send samples to labs.


Crop health and development is dependent upon each plant having the right amount of sun, heat, nutrients and water, and the avoidance of pests and disease.

What We Can Do...

SunPillar is dedicated to making high value crop farmers the lowest cost and highest quality producers by using our technology to their advantage.

The products SunPillar develops include a multi-sensor platform that the field worker walks with and gathers and displays location, environmental, plant and soil health data.

The data output allows for precision application of water, fertilizer or pesticide thus providing for only when needed.

The data can later be uploaded to a server for audit reporting, trend and predictive analysis.

The predictive analytic engine reports on potential disease or pest pressure that the farmer can then make a decision as to how to remedy the problem.

Is the problem in the soil or in the air or what the problem is?

Let us recommend the right solution for you, using our tecnhnology.

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SunPillar is a company of electronic and mechanical designers, software developers, web and database specialists, data scientists and horticulture personnel. SunPillar has access to 3D printers, PCB prototyping and Laser etch and cutting equipment as well as a wine grape, honeybee hives and cash crop acreage. This combination of technological and agricultural knowledge allows for the quick turn of farm or field use needs from idea to prototype with little setup time.


 Software Development of GUI’s, Dashboards, or mobile applications.

 Software Development of GUI’s, Dashboards, or mobile applications.

 Electronic circuit design and single and double sided PCB prototyping and assembly.

 Sensor interfacing design.

 Embedded controller software development.

 Data analysis and algorithm development.

About Us

SunPillar Inc. consists of stakeholders with horticultural, electronic, mechanical and software engineering skills. This employee owned company manufactures and develops sensor based applications targeted at the agriculture community. Additional sensor components and software applications have been developed for related industrial applications because the core design or software components fit with SunPillar’s main focus. SunPillar continues to grow our sensor based product line and lists such items on a number of crowd funding sites.

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To use technology to help those in the field, measure and manage air freshness, water cleanliness and food crops goodness.


To serve environmental and agricultural needs by leveraging sensor technology, software applications and predictive analytics.



SunPillar Inc. contracts with professors and students from 3 GTA colleges. The student teams come from the electronics, industrial design, paralegal and mechanical engineering faculty of Humber and the computer programming faculty of Sheridan as well as the Bioinformatics program at Seneca. The professors are from both Seneca and Sheridan College. As SunPillar grows, professionals from industry are joining SunPillar’s team.



M.A., M.B.A., B.Eng., B.A., Dipl. Hort., Peter has marketed and sold high technology products with domestic and international companies and is named on five patents.


Chief Scientist

Dr. McNab did his graduate studies at Oxford University and joined Newcastle University as tenured faculty in Physics. At Newcastle, he led his own research group, gaining an international reputation for his work on the structure of gas phase molecular ions. In 2003, Iain accepted a visiting professorship at the University of Toronto to work with Professor John C. Polanyi (Nobel laureate) in nanoscience and surface chemistry. Dr. McNab is overseeing SunPillar's American Foulbrood (AFB) nanotechnology sensor research and development.


Chief Apiarist

Pieter is currently the Chief Apiarist for SunPillar and several private golf & country clubs in Toronto. An active volunteer, Pieter served as treasurer for Science for Peace at the University of Toronto, a Canadian charitable organization whose members are natural and social scientists, engineers and scholars in the humanities as well as concerned individuals from the wider community. Pieter is widely known as a promoter and facilitator of student action on climate change, sustainability and urban agriculture.


Director of Hardware Design

Dipl. Electrical Engineering, Stephen’s background is in the music industry with experience in recording, mixing and mastering with computer software as well as building analogue and digital audio circuitry.


Director of Airborne Systems Integration

Dennis was an Avionics Technician in the Royal Australian Air Force for 12 years. Additionally, Dennis brings over 30 years of remotely piloted aeromodelling/UAV design and development experience to SunPillar Inc. Dennis is currently completing and Advanced Diploma in Electronics Engineering and Technology at Sheridan College.


Director of Soil Chemistry Research

Dip.(Chem), B.Sc.(Hons) Grace has over 10 years experience in chemical instrumentation, environmental remediation, and resource planning. She has worked with academia, government and industrial partners on project design, field sampling and chemical analysis.


Director of Mechanical Design

Dipl. Mechanical Engineering Technology, Gold Medalist at Skills Canada for mechanical CAD, Derick has experience designing and building equipment and tooling for the energy sector, including wind and nuclear. He is skilled in the use of SolidWorks and MasterCAM


Director, R&D

Anmol is an avid entrepreneur and very technological savvy. He holds a diverse portfolio in R&D and enjoys exploring new challenges. Anmol has successfully registered copyrights under his name and has a wealth of experience and knowledge in UX and UI design.


Senior Software Developer

Hao is a University of Waterloo math major coding the predictive analytics algorithms used by SunPillar to predict plant disease onset.


Senior Software Developer

Dipl. Computer Programmer Humber College, Software Engineering, Diploma Hoa Sen University Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Quoc is the iOS developer for SunPillar.



Dipl. Computer Programmer Sheridan College, Gurvinder is a Webmaster for SunPillar Inc.


Junior Software Developer

Dipl. Computer Engineering Sheridan College, Alexander is the Drone Application developer for SunPillar Inc.


Cloud Services Administrator

Alex is a graduate of Sheridan College’s ITSS program and competed in Skills Ontario 2017. Alex manages SunPillar’s Hive Health LoRa application server.


Server Administrator

Joseph is a graduate of Sheridan College’s ITSS program and competed in Skills Ontario 2017. Joseph manages SunPillar’s server operating systems.